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Instructor: Leonard Sim (7th Dan)
Instructor: Henrieheta Sim (7th Dan)

Woosehill Hall, Emmview Close, Woosehill, Wokingham, Berkshire, UK. RG41 3DA


  1. GKI Summer Gasshuku August, 2005
    14 members attended this Gasshuku, led
    by our own instructors and Sensei
    Arnold De Beer 7th Dan, from South
    Africa. Philip Edwards achieved


  1. 2006 Goodwill Martial Arts Festival - Capetown
    The Gasshuku and Tournament will
    celebrate 40 years of Goju-Ryu Karate
    in South Africa, founded by Sensei
    James Rousseau, who contributed so


  1. GKI Summer Gasshuku August, 2005

    14 members attended this Gasshuku, led by our own instructors and Sensei Arnold De Beer 7th Dan, from South Africa. Philip Edwards achieved success in his Black Belt test. Photos and report coming.

    GKI Championships, May 22nd 2005

    We were host dojo this year, so we had a large number of members attending. The medal winners from our club were:

    • Kata - Juniors
      • 10th, 9th, 8th Kyu: 3rd Place: Steven Measures
      • 7th, 6th Kyu 1st Place: Sorsha Reilly 2nd Place: Lewis Walsh
      • 5th, 4th Kyu 1st Place: Amy Walker

    • Kata - Adults
      • 10th - 4th Kyu 2nd Place: Trevor Morrison
      • 3rd, 2nd, 1st Kyu 1st Place: P. Edwards

    • Kata -Team
      • Juniors 2nd Place: Wokingham (A)
      • Adults 2nd Place: Wokingham (A)

    • Kumite - Juniors
      • 6, 7, 8, Years Mixed 3rd Place: Nicholas Wong
      • 9, 10, Years Mixed 2nd Place: Jodie Clarke
      • 11, 12 Years Mixed 1st Place: Lewis Walsh 3rd Place: Mathew Bennett
      • 13, 14 Years Girls 1st Place: Sorsha Reilly 3rd Place: Amy Walker

    • Kumite - Adults
      • 10th - 4th Kyu 2nd Place: Phillip Edwards
      • 3rd, 2nd, 1st Kyu 1st Place: T. Morrison
      • Dan Grades 3rd Place: John Taylor
      • Ladies 2nd Place: Fiona Tselentis

    Lots of thanks to the members who helped as officials - Peter Fallowell, Lawry Moss, Gerry Sherlock

    Andre and Daphne

    Do two third Dans getting married make a sixth Dan?? - don't know but we all wish them a happy future. Congratulations Andre and Daphne.

    If that was not enough, they are off round the world for a year - doing huge amounts of training in every continent. You can follow their adventures here.

    Winter 2004 Gasshuku

    The GKI is continues to gain in strength, as we held our annual winter Gasshuku in Birmingham led by Sensei Rousseau. A fabulous curry night was held without too many consequences the next day.

    Summer 2004 Dan Grading

    Congratulations to the students who gained black belt promotions:

    Lenny Sim - Cadet Nidan Peter Fallowell - Shodan
    Johnathon Taylor - Shodan Robin Taylor - Cadet Shodan

    (pictures coming)

    Summer 2004 Gasshuku

    This was a BIG Gasshuku for our club. We had 11 members training and 4 taking part in the Dan Grading. The Gasshuku was taught by Sensei Rousseau, 7th Dan, Sensei De Beer, 7th Dan (South Africa) and our Sensei Len Sim, 6th Dan. Assisting them were the 5th dans, Senseis Henrieheta Sim, Kevin Nason, Bo Ekstrand and Elias Kattan (South Africa).

    Sensei Arnold De Beer taught the seniors a Tonfa kata and we will be seeing this practised a lot at the dojo.

    Members who attended in addition to Sensei Len and Sensei Henrieheta were:- Daphne Birkitt, Andre Leister, Lenny Sim, Peter Fallowell, Robin Edwards, Johnathan Taylor, Philip Edwards, Ben Nash and Dan Bass.

    May 2004 GKI Championships May 2004 GKI Championships

    More than a dozen of our members attended and garthered a clutch of medals. (pictures coming)

    November 2003 Birmingham Gasshuku

    Sensei Len assisted Sensei James in teaching at a very well attended Gasshuku. Other club members who attended included Daphne Birkitt, Lenny and David Sim, Robin Edwards, Johnathan Taylor, Ben Nash and Dan Bass.

    December 2003 Charity Fund Raising

    We raised £1,100.00 for a leukemia sufferer, who is a church pastor. Each year we hold a sponsered 2000 techniques in aid of a good cause.

    July 2003 Sweden Gasshuku

    Sensei Len taught to a busy Gasshuku in Rimbo, which was also attended by Daphne Birkitt (3rd Dan) and David Sim who achieved his 3rd Kyu at the grading.

    May 2003 GKI Championships

    12 medals were won by the eight Wokingham students who attended.

    March 2003 South Africa Gasshuku

    Daphne Birkitt (3rd Dan) attended this course run by Sensei Arnold De Beer 7th Dan