Triangles « Wokingham Karate Club
Instructor: Leonard Sim (7th Dan)
Instructor: Henrieheta Sim (7th Dan)

Woosehill Hall, Emmview Close, Woosehill, Wokingham, Berkshire, UK. RG41 3DA


  1. GKI Summer Gasshuku August, 2005
    14 members attended this Gasshuku, led
    by our own instructors and Sensei
    Arnold De Beer 7th Dan, from South
    Africa. Philip Edwards achieved


  1. 2006 Goodwill Martial Arts Festival - Capetown
    The Gasshuku and Tournament will
    celebrate 40 years of Goju-Ryu Karate
    in South Africa, founded by Sensei
    James Rousseau, who contributed so


These use one sequence to defend from one direction and attack to another. Note that a circle of any number of participants can employ these drills. The last column adds an optional counter before beginning the attack in the other direction and when using these an appropriate distancing movement will be necessary. Practise also on the opposite hand to the description.

1 Standing Basics Uses basic blocks in Shiko Datchi. Begin by making a triangle, looking to space between opponents, stay in Shiko Datchi, feet almost touching the adjacent participant’s feet.
  a Attack Left Yoko Jodan Tsuki, Defence Block Right Age Uke
  b Attack Left Yoko Chudan Tsuki, Defence Block Right Chudan Uke
  c Attack Left Yoko Gedan Tsuki Defence Block Right Gedan Barai
2 Twisting Uses same hand to block to one side and attack to the other. Begin as 1 but ensure you are close together. Return to Shiko Datchi kamae immediately. Optionally, twist to Zen Kutsu Datchi with gyaku tsuki as a counter after the block before using the right side counter listed.
  a Right Jodan Gyaku Tsuki, Block Right Age Uke, Right Shuto
  b Right Chudan Gyaku Tsuki, Block Right Chudan Uke, Right Kizami Tsuki
  c Right Gedan Gyaku Tsuki Block Right Gedan Barai, Right Uraken
3 Spinning Uses two kicks. Begin as 1.When attacked from the right, pull right leg towards left to Neko Datchi with right Gedan Barai, twist left to Heiko Datchi, Morote Haisho Uke, twist with Right Mae Geri to opponent on left, return the kicking leg close to the left foot, then spin nticlockwise with left ushiro mawashi geri, return feet together, move right foot back to Shiko Datchi.
4 Sliding Begin as 1, looking to space between opponents. First attacker slides toward opponent on his right in Shiko Datchi and attacks with right Uraken Jodan. Defender blocks jodan haisho uke with left hand (as in Sanserui), transitions left leg and delivers right Gyaku Tsuki in left Zen Kutsu datchi before sliding in Shiko Datchi to attack the other opponent.
5 Stepping Begin in Heiko Datchi, looking to space between opponents. First attacker pivots and steps left foot toward the opponent on his right with oi tsuki jodan in left Zen Kutsu Datchi. Return to hieko datchi.
Defender looks left, pulls left leg back to left Neko Datchi and blocks with left ko uke jodan then advances left leg towards A, twisting hips powerfully to Zen Kutsu datchi with right Oi Tsuki. He then reverses posture and becomes the attacker by steping to the other opponent with left Zen Kutsu Datchi.